Squirrel Tested, Nature Approved*

*No squirrels were actually “poled” for their opinions.

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Long-term Efficacy with Low Environmental Impact

If you liked Penta treated wood poles, you’re going to love UltraPole NXT with DCOI!

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The first major innovations in treated wood pole protection with 28 years of stake performance data.

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UltraPole NXT in the News

Broadband access initiatives

Photo courtesy of Brooks Manufacturing  Expanding broadband access to more rural areas is supported by a number of govenment and utility initiatives. The areas in need are in, but not limited to, less populated counties, in timber and farmlands, along lakes and rivers, and in the mountains. Most of us who have lived or visited these areas have experienced the lack of…

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Gaff and fire retardant testing on DCOI and Penta treated wood utility poles

Comparative Gaff and Pilodyn Testing of DCOI-A and Penta Treated Pole SectionsArticle authored by Dr. Andy Zahora, Senior Research Scientist with Viance, LLC. ABSTRACT In many regions of the United States and Canada utility companies are making increasing use of boom/bucket trucks for above ground line/equipment maintenance, but physical climbing of poles by lineman is still…

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UltraPole NXT FAQs

What is significant about UltraPole NXT poles and crossarms with DCOI? They provide long-term efficacy with low environmental impact. They are the first major innovation in years for utility infrastructure, with 28 years of performance data for treated wood pole and crossarm protection. What preservative is used in UltraPole NXT poles and crossarms? The active…

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When did Penta production end?

    The manufacturing of pentachlorophenol officially came to an end in December of 2021. This was the last location anywhere in the world that made pentachlorophenol.  However, penta will continue to be available from some pole producers for at least another year. Pole treating plants are working through their penta inventories while others have already converted to alternatives.

  • What is significant about UltraPole NXT and UltraArm NXT with DCOI?
  • What are the benefits for linemen?

What are Customers Saying

  • Brian Murch, Electric Distribution Supervison, Painesville, OH

    “The first things I noticed were the poles were odor-free
    and dry to the touch.”

    Brian Murch, Electric Distribution Supervison, Painesville, OH

  • Troy Carpenter – Foreman, J.F. Electric, Edwardsville, IL

    Working to rebuild an electric distribution line for
    South Central Power Company

    In replacing utility poles with DCOI treated UltraPole NXT utility poles,
    Troy Carpenter said,
    “Unlike the other poles, these don’t smell and
    they don’t cause me to sneeze.”

    Troy Carpenter – Foreman, J.F. Electric, Edwardsville, IL

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