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Brooks Manufacturing on DCOI Treated Crossarms

Brooks Manufacturing - Douglas fir crossarms treated with DCOI

Shannon Terrell, President, and CEO of Brooks Manufacturing said, “Over the past four years, we embraced and actively promoted DCOI treated crossarms to our utility and communication customers.” Brooks Manufacturing made a corporate decision before it was apparent that pentachlorophenol (penta) was going away (well ahead of the industry) that they were going to offer DCOI as their preservative of choice due to it being more eco-friendly with the same or better efficacy of penta. “We were the first crossarm manufacturer to permit our facility to treat with DCOI, adds Terrell.

Terrell also notes, “The advantage of DCOI for us as a wood crossarm treater, is the preservative penetrates better than penta. To our customers, they will not recognize a difference from penta in color or look of the wood, but they are getting a product with better treating results. The combination of DCOI treatment with a wood crossarm make it the most sustainable product on the market, specifically when compared with alternative products like composite and steel.”

Brooks Mfg wood crossarms for the utility industry

Based in Bellingham, WA, Brooks Manufacturing Co., established in 1915, continues to provide high quality treated Douglas fir crossarms, transmission products, and structure framing kits to the utility and communication industries. These products are available as individual components or as complete structure kits up to 345 kV. Transmission framing products are also available with Extenda-Life® coating and end plates.

Brooks Manufacturing earned their reputation through generations of active involvement working with utilities and industry associations. Visit Brooks for more information.

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