What preservative is used in UltraPole NXT and UltraArm NXT?

The active ingredient – DCOI

  1. DCOI’s formulation is 4,5-Dichloro-2-N-Octyl-4-Isothiazolin-3-One (CAS No 64359-81-5).
  2. DCOI is not a Restricted Use Pesticide and is not persistent in soil.
  3. An organic, broad-spectrum biocide
  4. Contains no heavy metals, dioxins, furans or PAHs
  5. Standardized as a wood preservative by AWPA and listed as P-39 in the Book of Standards
  6. The first, new oil-borne industrial wood preservative in decades
  7. The same active ingredient used in marine antifouling formulations that won the 1996 US EPA Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award
  8. Very effective – retentions standardized by the American Wood Protection Association (AWPA) are 1/3 the retention of pentachlorophenol.
  9. The only oil-borne industrial wood preservative backed by a warranty – a 50-year limited warranty
  10. DCOI is used in, and currently sold as:
  • a marine antifoulant
  • an algaecide for cooling towers
  • an industrial microbicide in drywall
  • an industrial microbicide in shower curtains
  • an industrial microbicide in pool liners
  • an industrial microbicide in brewery pasteurizing and can warmer systems
  • a fungicide/bactericide for in-can paint formulations
  • a fungicide component in Ecolife®, the best performing, non-metal based, above ground residential preservative on the market.

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